by Katherine R. Hutt, APR, President

A lot of people have asked me how I came up with my company name and logo. The chambered nautilus is the only surviving species of the nautiloids that once dominated the seas. As it grows, the animal creates bigger and bigger compartments, always living in the largest, outermost chamber. It seals off the old chambers but leaves a small hole that allows it to regulate its buoyancy and propel itself forward. The resulting chambers form a mathematically perfect spiral, one of few such examples in nature.

My original shell collection (a sixth grade science project) led to a lifelong fascination with the denizens of the deep, but the chambered nautilus has always been my favorite. The perfect form of the shell is a thing of beauty but it also serves a vital life function for the nautilus and has helped it survived 450 million years as its cousins have become extinct. Excellent communications can also be artfully crafted, perfectly balanced and keep an organization moving forward while performing vital functions necessary to the life and future survival of the organization.



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